Who Are You Again?


I live in Japan’s old capital, Kyoto.  This blog is about navigating life in Japan as a supremely anxious person – from riding on trains, to learning to eat meat again, to surviving all-night Karaoke sessions.

I don’t give advice or helpful travel tips or offer lists of ways to work on your “survival Japanese”. I prefer to alienate my readers with long-form accounts of my incompetent blunders – framed by my defeatist insistence that excuse me, please, and thank you are the only three pieces of Japanese I’ll ever be able to use without wondering if I’m doing it all wrong.

What I’m telling you about is what it feels like to be illiterate. More specifically, what it feels like to go from being a specialist in literature – to a person who can’t read the adverts of trains. If you get a kick out of reading something here let me know or send me your story.  You can follow me on twitter @fionarclark

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